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RELI 2110
Deidre Butler

Hebrew Bible 2 09/23/2013 Different terms all referring to the five books of Moses, all of the Hebrew Bible—Tanakh. First creation story: “creation was very good”, singular language(refer to man and woman potentially being one), humans had dominion/stewardship over the rest of creation. Second creation story: Adam comes first Adam gets to name all the animals Has to cleave to his wife and leave his parents Much more detailed characters Genesis 3: Snake—subtle—clever. Speaking to the woman Eve understands she’s not allowed to eat from the tree, and there’s a consequence to doing it Feminist thinkers: this shows that the woman understands what the law is Your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil This is not a passive woman just going along with what her husband is telling her what to do, she’s thinking of what god wants from her—gives it to her husband and eats Adam is the passive one here—just doing what his wife says They realize they’re naked: doesn’t get attributed to sexuality/original sin here, as it is in Christianity This is not sexuality in Judaism They’re no longer childlike, they’re becoming aware of how they should act Imagery of humans trying to hide from God, trying to hide their guilt from god: they know they’ve done wrong God calls out to the man first—it’s on Adam’s shoulders (he’s the one that got the instructions) Afraid because he screwed up badly and disobeyed god. Awareness of guilt Rabbis interested in the psychology of guilt—we know when we haven’t done the right thing. It’s our soul speaking to us. Rabbis are aware that Adam’s calling out Eve “she made me do it!” Eve blames it on the serpent These children don’t take responsibility for what they’ve done Consequences The sin in the garden is disobedience to god. God first starts with the snake: because you have done this, cursed are you… on your belly you will go… Bad relationship between human beings and snakes Woman: I will greatly multiply thy pain… desire will be to your husband and he shall rule over thee This is not quite as important in Judaism as it is in Christianity Not as critical as defining her role in eternity Consequences in childbirth: painful, not going to be easy—human beings have a hard time giving birth, harder than for other animals. There aren’t babies in the garden of Eden before this happens God—if people are going to have babies, those generations only happen because humans disobey, leaving their innocence in the garden (which is not real), and they live human lives of work and childbirth. Rabbis take the attitude that women have a natural psychology of being modest: not being able to ask for what they want in sexuality Men are active, women are passive Explanation for how the world works: prescription and description of how the world is. Human beings who are trying to tell stories and explaining important things of the human condition. Worldview explanation “Your husband shall rule over thee” is this how it should be or is this how it is? To Adam Because you listened to a woman and ate from this tree Creation is blessed and is good, and humans have control and dominion over it. Now things aren’t going to be so easy In the garden everything’s easy—but this isn’t the nature of what it means to partner in creation This happens out of the garden, when you’re doing things like having babies Explanation of why we’re mortal. Wordplays and ideas for context Eve is the mother of all living God clothed them : he is the first tailor… Version of punishment where you don’t help the people you’re punishing And the other, where you want them to learn God is helping human beings deal with their new reality God knows what’s going to happen, and it comes with free will God’s not forcing you to choose God chats with the angels Actually the “holy court”, are these really the angels? Or are we just guessing? Ancient idea of god speaking to other gods From a rabbinic point of view, this is god being concerned with human beings No original sin in Judaism…. yet Moses and the Exodus: Chapters 1-14 In group create the chronology and answer the three questions that interest you most 1. All: Create chronology of main points in the story 2. What kind of person is Moses? 3. How is God represented in the story? 4. What is god’s relationship with Moses? 5. What are the roles of Miriam, Aa
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