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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Lecture1Words such as rice if you say it over and overit could be physically absent The word rice represents something physical Whereas the word love it represents something nonphysical and if you say it over and over and love is not present no one could tell Same with the word deathif death is not thereand you say it over and over it is not there We need to determine the reference of what is there In the first reading in the course pack Some stories tell us that death came into the world because of fault or error committed by human beings Example the mistake of disobeying a divine commandDisobedience of Adam and Evethey disobeyed God and ate of the tree of good and evil This is the judaic christian and islamic view of Goda moral just God here is the act and there is the consequence intelligent Many other stories from ancient and primal societies that portrayed death as a totally absurd element wildly unreasonable Examplethe story from africa2 messengers are a chameleon and lizard The chameleon carries the message that they
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