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Third ClassWatched a video called The long Search with Ronald EyreTarajas tribe Elaborate funeralsFuneralbig social event Richer you are the more elaborate the funeralFuneral olympics Processions buffalo fights animal sacrifice eating drinkingTaken 3 years to put togetherthis particular funeral Wooden ephiagymeal on coffin lid for deceasedSimilarities between Indonesian primal group and the Dogon group seen last class areThe graves are in caves on a mountainside1Dancing singing music celebration in funeral2Some kind of celebration3 The locals asked What is your religion but directly translated from their language is What is your ritual waythis places emphasis in indigenous religions not on doctrine but on practicewhat do you do 23 people Christian handful of muslims and remaining follow religion of ancestorsThe long cloth that many were carrying was intended to show the path to the world of the dead its for guidance for the soul The role of fire when they burned down the pavilion wooden building and sacrificed the buffalo represents the transformationwhat is present in this world to that offrom the spirits world Accompany deceased arise in other world for deceasedBody in coffin soul surrounding Euphemisms words used to describe something with a different word Example the word deadwe normally people has passed away crossed the line etcbut for birth there is only a few example came to this world born We use euphemisms because we are uncomfortable with the word death so we use softer or gentle words Similar to Hindu culture Shiva auspicious oneAnother videoturogers same as above groupFirst woman came from a rock fed by ancestors of rice and sheltered by ancestors of bambooRitual death a year after physical death body wrapped up in house regarded as sick not deadNorthsouth death axisThe ritual in this video is both the death ceremony of old priest and the crowning of the new priestThere was no rehearsalwhat does this mean Does it just mean that the ritual has to be performed regardless of how it is performed Is this ritual consistent there are many people that have never seen itbut there are certain things that has be said the things to be wornin the ceremony must be in themust be specificthe order of the events correct order The lack of rehearsal there is a greater sense of authenticityrehearsal sort of infers a show for peoplebut in religious context this ceremony is not meant to be ashowso people cannot be practicing the words that are to be saidIt has to said atthe right timethe ceremony must be participated in realitySummons ancestorsBlack elk article from the course pack Black elk is a 19th century shamanhe wished to restore the dignity and hope of his people whose entire way of life has been overtaken and destroyed by the European settlersMany Indians in north America took on a new religion one that promise that there will be a time coming soon when their oppressors will be overcome when the antelope and buffaloes would return and the ancestors would be resurrectedDance has always been a mode of spiritual expression among Indian nations so it is not surprising that the center piece of the new religion was a dance called the GOATS DANCE described in the manualthe withered tree in the center of the dance represents the despair of Black elks people But as we read we see black elks vision of the tree blooming and filled with birds Page 240 song lyrics Who do you think he is that comes It is one who seeks his mother Mother refers to all those who has been gone before the ancestorsBlack elk also describes the strange sensations that he experiences when he dancesex The prickling of his leg like ants In Black elks visionhe sees the tree blooming etcand he visits the land of the deadand we know he is not dead because he is told he still has work to do and he learns how to make the sacred garments like the goats shirts which is continued to be madeBUT when black elk comes back from his vision he doesnt see a very nice peaceful placehe sees his people suffering in the river with great distress The meaning of the visionThe spirit world of the ancestors where the dead goes howslooking for their relatives s the future and is portrayed as very beautiful with all the miseries of this world on this planet dispelled and the life of the people restoredthe tree is in bloomso the land of the dead could be a place of great beauty and happiness and a place where what has gone wrong in this life is rectifiedMore then that it is portrayed as a place of knowledge the knowledge that can affect the people in this worldBlack elk communicates with spirit world and brings back knowledge to his people Black Elks vision is also understood symbolicallybecause he talks about his thoughts as he tries to understand6villages represent the 6 grandfathers12 men and women represent the months and the yearIt is important to understand that literal and symbolic meanings do not exclude each otherso that in this tradition it would be understood that Black Elk had
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