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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

4th Class TheJudaism Historically Judaism is the oldest of the great monotheistic faiths basic monotheistic creed is summed up in the book of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 64 is known as the ShemaThe lord is our god the lord is oneThis prayer along with the other the verses is called the Shema which is the first word in the prayermeans hear listen pay attentionONE of the most sacred words in the Jewish religionProclamation that tribes of Israel pay homage to God which is one God The Hebrew bible makes it clear that God holds the people of Israel equally exclusive to him bound by a sacred covenantExodus 1946 Now therefore if you obey my voice and keep my covenant you shall be my treasured possession out of all the peoples Indeed the whole earth is mine but you shall be for me a priestly kingdom and a holy nation The feeling that comes across is very strong from both sides who The side of the peopletakes this god to be the one and only god and the on the part of this God who takes the people as his treasured possessionThere is a real sense of belonging and commitment on both sides Judaism is the most tied to history and historical eventsWhat it means to be a Jew is completely bound up with the sequential series of events that constitute the history of the Jews In other words the life story of the peopleOrigins events that befalled them as a people As Prof said beforein order to understand our end we have to understand the beginningso The history of the Jews begins with the biblical narrative of creation that is recounted in the book of GenesisGenesis is the primeval history of the bible that is shared by Jews Christians and Muslims All this early history in the bible showed that people just couldnt get it rightAdam and Eve are thrown out of paradise for their sin and disobedience 1Cane killed his brother Aballwickedness abounded2Until finally God is sorry he ever created such a creature as manso he cleared the earth of all this wickedness to have a fresh start of one good man and his family So we have the story of NoA Arc the great floodeven then right after the flood there is the story of the King of Babylon trying to build a tower to reach heaven God confounds the languages of man so the tower cannot be buildIn the end the only way the laws of God that could be fulfilled and honoured on earth is if God makes a binding agreement with one person or group of people who will be responsible for seeing that humanity remembers the words and law of God So here is where Abraham and the patriarchs come inGod chooses Abraham to be an example of how people should liveso Abraham becomes the forefather of the monotheistic religions of Judaism Christianity and Islam ca 20001750 BCEThe Age of the Patriarchs Abraham Isaac Jacob Jacob renamed as IsraelJudaism is founded on what is called the Abrahamic Covenant God promises the first Patriarch Abraham land and children While Abraham promises to worship this one God only and keep Gods commandmentsThis is the contract or the Covenant Circumcision is the outward mark of the Covenant We can date the beginnings of the history of this group in the city of UR in Mesopotamia around the year 1960 BCE when the city of UR was overrun by invadersIt was said that Abraham and his tribe moved north to Haraneventually as his sons took over from him they went down into EgyptEventually the Hebrew tribes under the leadership of Jacab aka Israel where theybecame enslaved to the pharaohsThen the story of Exodus of the Israelites from Egyptis dominated by the figure of Moseswho is the archetypal charismatic prophet Among biblical traditions the Exodus becomes a great metaphor for the overcoming of oppression from going from slavery to freedom This is celebrated by the Jewish Passover festival Traditionally it is said that after leaving Egypt the tribes have been wandering in the desert for 40 years Its at the beginning of this period of wondering that Moses received the law from God on Mount Sinai The kernel of that law is what we know as the 10 commandments The renewing of the Covenant with God at Mount Sinai became one of the central symbols for Jewish history of all agesBecause prior to that the covenant has been made with the patriarchsbut at Sinai that personal contract between God and the patriarchs who led the Hebrew tribes became a national covenant All those who stood at Sinai and received the law accepted on behalf of themselves and their descendentsTHIS IS IMPORTANTThe cornerstone of Jewish religious attitudes is the Covenant relationship between God and the people of Israel as a total EntityTHEN THE religious Identity of the individual is very much tied in with the collective view of the peopleReligious identity of the person is tied in with the collective view of the people because of this covenant between GOD and the people The death of one individual does not disrupt the most important aspect of the religion which the Covenant with God because the grouppeople continue So classical Jewish thinking then saw that National catastrophe as the worst disasterNOT individual death Trauma to jewish religious identity done by nazi plans
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