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Angela Sumegi

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6th ClassFebruary20121119 AM We have been examining the attitude to death and after life in the monotheistic religions of Judaism and ChristianityAND of course we noted in contrast in polytheism of Egypt and MesopotamiaWe see the strong monotheistic tendency of the early Hebrew tribeIdeas of resurrection is based on the idea of a just God The bad are punished while the good are rewardedJudaism didnt develop a strong or very systematic theology about the after life Of course there is belief in are rituals of grieving burial heaven and hell all part of the Jewish faith But the details are all left to God Though in general Jews arent required to hold a particular set of beliefs of what exactly is going to happen after deathIn Christianity we spoke about the strong connection between death and sin Human beings brought death upon themselves through sin The Christian idea of God embodied in the person Jesus who is promised to be the messiah Also in because Christianity teaches that Jesus rose from the dead there is a greater theological interest in Christianity in resurrection and ideas of heaven and hell So this interest is greater then what is found in JudaismDeath and After life in the third and youngest of the monotheistic faiths ISLAM translated as submission or surrender Those who practice Islam are called Muslim One who submits to the will of God But we have to be careful when translating the words Islam and Muslim Because the words submit and surrender have a sense of meaning of not wanting to but forced toExample enemy surrenders or the criminal submits to the body searchBut this is not the meaning of Islam The root of the word Islam contains the soundssyllables in the word Islam are used in greetings Salam and Salamanukumthe syllables connote peace wholeness soundness and safety So we have to understand surrender and submission in the context of peace So Muslim is one who finds peace in the surrendering to the will of God in the safety and serenity that comes from submission in Gods wayThere is a common saying in the Islamic world Inshala translated as Gods willing or if god wills it Example If I see you tomorrow thats because Gods willingat the same time If I see you tomorrow thats because God wills itAccording to Islamic tradition the natural world submits to Gods will Because the natural way is the way of God Here is another way to think about submission and surrender A leaf hangs on a tree until one day it falls slowly peacefully surrendering to the natural way
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