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19 Jun 2015

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RELI 2732 : Lecture 12
What is it that all religions belief in afterlife?
It's quite possible that an atheist would wonder about other sources of...
What you believe on your death bed is not what you believe when you are watching a show or
such. Over the past 30 years the belief of life after death hasn't changed much.
Secularization: becoming worldly. Turning away from religion and facing the world.
A secular view takes in account only this life of the senses.
Tony Walter examined 3 prominent ideas of thesis
Thesis 1:
1. death and the modern world is an alienating and terrifying experience. This view would
say that without meaning that religion gives death, there is social isolation. Authors that
support this view would say that the loss of religion has left people without the strategies
that were a help to them. This view lead to a happy death/ natural death movement.
The "happy death" or "natural death" movement
agrees with thesis 1 that modern death is terrifying and proposes that
death and grieving were easier when people had religion and ritual to rely on.
modern death is medicalised - not as natural as it was in the past.
Tony Walter points out it is difficult to come to conclusion about over all affect of Christian view
on death. Walter concludes for past generations it is possible that religion created joy and anxiety
for the person. It is the biblical view that death is the result of sin. Doctors say : death is the
natural result of the physical.
Beliefs in heaven and in hell -
It's very difficult to show how people in the past took the teachings of Christianity about heaven
and hell.
When you are grieving with the whole community, it helps rather than keeping the grieving just
to ourselves just like today.
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