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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

Lecture Review notes ISLAMFaith in Islam is considered to be the natural way of human beings and every child is understood to be born into this natural state of faith with an natural inclination towards faith and the inner capacity to know God According to Islam mankind is born into an original state of purity and innocenceSo for Muslims the whole universe affirms Islam naturally or instinctively and humans also are born as instinctive witnesses to God but humans have choice and so are required to consciously choose to bear witness or not to follow Gods Laws or not and in the Islamic belief system there will come a time when all people will be required to face the consequences of their choicethe Day of Judgement at which time God will reward those that have chosen to affirm their submission and punish those that have rejected faith in GodThere are three main areas crucial to Islamic thought the unity of God prophecy and eschatology3 Eschatologythe knowledge or study of the endtimes2 ProphecyIslam believes that throughout time God has sent prophets with one messagethere is no God but the God Adam was the firstas long as there are human beings there must be a prophetcreated in Gods image Gods representative on earthhigher than the angels and Muhammad the last 1 The unity of God is the subject of the profession of faith in Islam called the ShahadahThere is no God but The GodMuhammad is the prophet of GodThe first bears witness to the oneness of God the second is the acceptance of the prophethood of Muhammad and therefore the truth of his message
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