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Lecture 11

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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

ndRELI 2732March 22 1Lecture11What people really believeWhat different religions teach about deathFind out teachings from official representatives of traditions or from sacred textsBeliefs of individuals may or may not relate to the view held by their traditionNot necessarily a relation between a persons belief about afterlife and the rest of their belief systemEx Atheist may wonder rationally about other planes of existence Dont believe in God but may believe in afterlife Religions not necessarily stable in a person Ex What you believe in church may not be the same as what you believe when youre stuck in trafficWhat you say in the context of a group may not be what you would say on an individual basis Hard to figure out what people actually believe Polls in western countries ran into the above problems How do you know people are being honest How to measure if people believe what they say they believe US rank high on religious belief polls 77 of people in a traditionally religious country like Ireland believe in life after death compared to 23 in a secular country like Denmark US 71High percentages of Americans say they go to church but compared to an actual count of people poll overstated attendance by double Is US a religious culture in which the acceptable social behavior is to say you go to church Polls not measuring religious behaviour but showing cultural values of Americans Whether or not go to church values say it is a good thing 2 views of dying1Sociological account2A dying mans account Walters Secularization and the terror of deathSecularization becoming worldly the turning away from religion Turning towards the practical world of our senses
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