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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

7th Class February2012 219 PM Now we turn to eastern religions General world view of the monotheistic view is shared and quite similarDeath and after life in Hindu thought Lectures slides from Prof The Indian river had many names Sindhuancient Indian Sanskrit name Indosancient Greek name Hinduancient Persian nameThe name of the river designated the countryreferred to the people Another lectures slideThe Vedassacred scriptures of the HindusComposed between 1500 BCE and 600 BCEVerses of praise to the various gods of the Aryan peopleslike Surya the sun god Candra the moon god Agni the fire god Indra the god of storms and YAMA the lord of death WE SHOULD KNOW YAMAthe lord of DEATH The lecture slide called Stratification of Vedic Aryan Society is just backgroundThe Aryan were tribes from Iran There are 4 major classes as listed on this slide the fire ritual is the main ritual Lecture slide Sanatana dharmathe eternal or constant dharma dharma has many meanings religious doctrine law truth duty etc But in term of Hindu thought 2 aspects 1 Social and family duty 2 Eternal cosmic law or truth After life in Hindu thought There are 3 methods See lecture slide Three paths to liberation called Moksha in Hindu thought Karmaaction Margapath Jnanaknowledge Bhakti margadevotion Lectures Slide Four realms of the Vedic universe Fire is the primary symbol for transformation The rituals had to be carried out correctly in order to receive blessings from God It is important to have sons in the family to carry out the rituals for the parents
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