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RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

RELI 2732 A march 22 2012 Today is our last full lecture next week is review with her going over things we need Tibetan book of the dead video next week as well Final exam APRIL 132 PM unless you have talked with the PMC No class on April fifth We have been lookinga t what happens after death we find these teacing from texts books representatives and interpretors of these traditionsOn the other hand if we ask ourselves what do particular people belivea bout death and afterlife the individuals views can relate to the religion or they can notThere is not necessarily a relation between afterlife and the rest of their belief system An atheist can belive in other planes contuinity life after death You cannot NECESSARILY tell what they believe about life after death by their belief The beliefs are not necessary stable in everyone Events can change your beliefWhat we say in the context of a group may not be what you tell someone one on oneThere have been a number of poles done on beliefs about after life and the findings are hampered by exactly those problems For example the USA has run high 71 in 77 in a traditionally religious country belive in life after death compared to 26 in a secular country like DenmarkWhat does this mean though1993 this poll showed that a high proportion of Americans claimed to attend church in any one week When they compared the poll to an actual count of people the poll overstated the attendance by doubleDoes this mean that the US is not as religious as the poll suggests Or Is the US a religious culture in which the acceptable social behaviour is to say you have been to church The polls are not measuring religious behaviour but the cultural values of AmericansTrying to figure out if people really believe what they say the belive there is no way to truly measure thatIts possibly we act differently beauce of the social consequences of our actionsSociological and literary account of dieing and death The eclipse of eternity tony waltersecularization and the terror of death secularization Becoming worldly the turning away from religion turning towards the practical world of our senese it gives a very good idea of the western view of death examines three prominent thesis
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