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Lecture 5

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Carleton University
RELI 2732
Angela Sumegi

5th Class February0612 137 PM Midterm Feb 11 2011 1pm to 230pm 75 Qs MC and TF Readings from 1 to 8 are all covered on Midterm 1 AND Material from WEBCT To studytry to get a feel for the religious tradition you reading about EXAMPLES QUESTIONS are not focused on the details of the religionsbut the ideas that relate to Death and After Life Do not have to memorize example which African believes what BUT the YOMBE that the Prof talked about we should know Will be asked what is the African understanding of the reincarnationWill be asked how a particular tradition understand the soul or the personthe various aspects of persons in Egyptian religion Excerpts like the Shemawe should be able to recognize the quotations of where or which tradition the quotes come from 1 TF Indigenous African religions teach that the soul can both reincarnate and go the world of the ancestors2 TF Osiris is portrayed with the head of a hawk and hawks wing Answer False 3 TF According to the video shown in class the heaven of the Dogon tribe is far away from the sky Answer False 4 TF In traditional Judaism cremation is a popular way of disposing of the dead Answer False 5 Shaman is a word that refers generally to a The ritual dance of the Dogon b The food offering to the dead c One who communicates with the spirits d Nature spirits ANSWER C 6 In the bible Sheol is
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