RELI 2732 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Electroencephalography, Spirit Possession

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27 Jan 2016

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Lecture 2
Debates and Denitions
oTaphephobia-The fear of being buried alive
oHarvard Critieria for Irreversable Coma
Unreceptivity and unresponsiveness
No movement or breathing
No re!exes
Flat electroencephalogram (EEG)
i.e. no electrical activity in the brain
oDying nematode emitting blue light-shows the pathway of cellular
In the last 1.5 hr
oVeatch General denition of Death
Death means a complete change in the status of a living entity
characterized by the irreversible loss of those characteristics
that are essentially signicant to it.
oVeatch’s suggested criteria for dening death
The !ow of Vital !uids.
The Soul from the Body
The Capacity for Bodily Integration
The Capacity for Social Interaction
Indigenous Religious World Views
oThree Major Characteristics related to:
Duality of the universe
Duality of the person
The social function of religion
Shaman – a generic name given by scholars to those specialists
in tribal or indigenous religions who communicate with the spirit
world for the practical benet of their community
oNon-physical Causes of sickness and Death in primal religions
Spirit possession
Intrusion of a disease spirit
Spirit attack
Violation of taboos
oOther characteristics
Spiritualization of the world in which human beings exist.
Belief in the connections between visible and invisible worlds
Human beings not separate from the natural world
Other worlds are accessible to humans
Religion serves society
Shaman guides particular group
oCharacteristics of Souls in Indigenous traditions “Family Resemblances”
Souls are multiple i.e. There can be many souls associated with
a person
Souls are mobile and somewhat material
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