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SOCI 1001
Michael Graydon

Sociology Powerpoint #1: (Sept 15/10) QUIZ: 1) Fri, Sept 17th, between 7am-10pm 2) 10 multiple choice - 5% 3) 10 minutes 4) SAVE ANSWERS web ct -> assessments -> syllabus quiz Slide 5: -we need social lives; if not we will go insane (lose mind) because no one reflecting back to them. -we need to be with each other. -we are self aware... eg. Dolphins too. (looking in a mirror, we know we are looking at ourselves) -ʻSocial Systemʼ: we are in very structured relations; contained.. they are changing over time -Talcott believes this relation creates a web -Talcott Parsonʼs thought society was/and should be highly structured (idea of ʻstreamingʼ in the 50ʼs) *streaming- identifying peopleʼs jobs for them (youʼre a brick layer, youʼre a business man) Slide 6: -micro relationships: family, friends, strangers.. If you were to never see them again you would think, oh where are they? Facebook buddies (micro relationship with someone youʼll never meet in Japan) (small scale, face to face, day to day) ..seeing the same faces on campus. *control over -macro relationships: embedded in bigger relationships, very little control, stuck in them (canʼt escape them), and effect our micro relationships (big scale) *no control over Slide 8: Case Study: R.M.S. Titanic >ship owner demands designer to decrease lifeboats from 48 to 16 because “people donʼt pay to look at lifeboats”. (micro: boss > macro: economics, class, technology) >new and stronger steel rivets used, so then they use cheaper ones. The repair of the Olympia delays the departure of the Titanic and then the crew changes (titanic was two weeks late.. if it had left on time, would probably not have hit “timing delays boat”) The captain steers the boat south of where known icecaps are. *macro: technological, weather, histo
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