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SOCI 1001
Michael Graydon

September 17/10 Lecture notes #2 Ideology: -links of cultural beliefs, values and attitudes: a particular way of thinking/valuing something -cultural ideology: good at justifying its own existence, eg. Demanding marriage as ʻessentialʼ. -patriarchal ideology: demands and explains; mens power over women -ideology of Western exceptionalism has West superior to East -ideology of American exceptionalism puts US democracy and capitalism as BEST system Power: -power does not always require force/violence/threats -power came from above (dominance) or from below (resistance) -canʼt hold power in your hand Max Weber: saw power as ability to control others, events, resources; make happen what you want to happen C.Wright Mills: saw power concerned with decisions about how people should live. eg. Deciding what professions people will have, do we go to church or not? do we marry or not marry? Michael Foucault: considered that ʻknowledgeʼ was a form of power. eg. those who define an idea/situation have power over how others perceive it. Hitler convinced the Naziʼs that Jews were the enemies *even most basic day-to-day relationships; there is power involved. eg. bus driver, professor, parents, etc. Hegemony: Italian Marxist antonio Gramsci ʻHegemonyʼ - form of domination where the ruling class, powerful are seen as naturally in power, ʻthe way things areʼ... hegemonic thinking (heʼs the King because his father was the King). -those in power create and maintain perception that their being in power, is seen as the ʻnatural order of thingsʼ September 17/10 Lecture notes #2 -Hegemony acts in a way that makes society seem ʻnaturalʼ or ʻinevitableʼ - only way society can work. Prevents our questioning, critically thinking about how society works. Itʼs ʻnormalʼ EX: -recently capitalist hegemony,
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