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Carleton University
SOCI 1001
Michael Graydon

September 22, 2010 Lecture Notes #3 norms - established rules defining correct/proper behaviour; specific, clear: you know when you broke one -reflect of what society values at the time; therefore, norms can change Eg. Couples living together before marriage was unheard of; now its normal to do so deviance - any behaviour that breaks a social norm -how strongly the norm is valued decides how deviant it is -once labelled ʻdeviantʼ be portrayed as “dangerous” and be socially isolated Eg. At one time, tattoos, piercings, agnostic would be “deviant behaviour” agency - empowers your social practices -ability to act independently; free will Eg. Classroom; 20 reasonable rules... agency: you have the free will to choose all 20 of those -you can choose/not choose to act -always limited by social structures (social rules) -Agency+Structure=Social practice *free will within social rules structure - setting the walls/foundation to society Eg. Community, the bank, organized religion -professor and student have social structures but when i leave class, not the same structures as in the classroom *how much agency? how much structure? -shaping me Research Basics: Research question - arising from an observation Research answer - begins with a question
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