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SOCI 1002 E Foundations of Sociology Week 12: Review • Study of twelve substantive topics: o Sociological theory o Research methods o Culture o Socialization and social interaction o Class, power and work o Race and ethnicity o Gender and sexual orientation o Groups and organizations and social movements Introduction to Sociology • Sociology: study of the “social” and its enabling and constraining influence. • Sociology is an elastic discipline. • Sociological perspective: thinking sociologically when we realize how the general categories where we happen to fall shape our particular life experiences. • Sociological imagination: stresses the social context in which people live and how these contexts influence their lives. It is a sociological vision – a way of looking at the world that allows links between the apparently private problems of the individual and important social issues. “How are people influenced by their society?” • The social: elements that constitute the social affect our: opinions, values, beliefs, knowledge, habits, tastes, desires and dreams. • Sociology is useful: views our own society as an outsider rather than only from the perspective of personal experiences and cultural biases. • The compass “did you know that?”; the lenses “had you thought of it like this?” and the snowflake “we are unique”. Foundations of Sociology • Sociology and common sense – 4 concepts • Social structure – micro and macro • Relationship between theory, research and values • Four major theoretical traditions – do not need to know history, instead know how they ask different questions • Approaching theory Practice of Sociology • Four ways of social research • Role of experience, perception and filtering in scientific research • Research cycle • Operationalization Culture • Culture definition • Culture and judgment (ethnocentrism vs relativism) • Culture and language (Wade Davis talk on culture and ethnosphere) • Culture and power • Multiculturalism Socialization and Social Interaction • Socialization and formations of se
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