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SOCI 1002
Tamy Superle

SociologyFebruary 27 Census FamilyComposed of a married couple or a common law couple With or without children or a lone parent living with at least one child in the same dwelling A couple can be opposite sex or same sex What do familes doProvide social stabilityFunctionalists argue that the nuclear family is ideally suited to meet what societies need to survive because it provides basis for five main functions Sexual regulation Economic cooperation Reproduction Socialization Economic support Nuclear FamilyHeterosexual married couple with at least one childtrad mom stays home makes food cleans take care of kids dad goes out and earns family incomenon trad A married heterosexual couple and their unmarried childrenShare a common residence The familyIs the basis for transferring power property and privilege from one generation to the nextClass of parents influence childrens socialization experiences and the protection they receiveChildren inherit privilege or lessthanprivileged social and economic status Changes to the familyFamily organization changed with changes to social organization and economicfactorsWomen enter the work placedual income earnersbecomes a necessity for many middle class familesAge of marriagelaternot having children as allHaving children laternot having children at all ZeroChild Families Voluntary ChildlessnessAbout 20 of woman 4045 have never given birthInfertility may be the reason but more likely a cost of raising a child is a lot b growth of attractive alternatives not having childrenmore flexible lifestyleTend to be more satisfied with their marriages than those families with a child
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