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Lecture 3

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SOCI 1002
Christian Carron

Soc Lecture 3 Groups and Organizations The Bonds that unite Speaking of WeLooking at how individuals are brought together within larger configurations of people How does this occur under what circumstances and with what effectsWho do we mean we we say all of us we demand who is involvedSocial groupsAre composed of set of people who identify with one another and adhere to defined norms roles or statuses Examples Members of a family sports team or college There are different types of social groupsi primary vs secondary ii Communities social networks organizationsPrimary groupsGroups where norms roles and statuses are agreed upon but not put in writingSocial interaction leads to strong emotional ties extends over long period and involves wide range of activitiesResults in group members knowing one another wellExample The family most important primary group Secondary groups Are larger and more impersonalInvolve social interaction in narrow range of activities over shorter period of time that create weaker emotional tiesExample Sociology classInclusion and exclusion ingroup and outgroupIngroup members Those who belong to a groupOutgroup members Those who are excluded from an ingroupIngroup members typically draw boundary separating themselves from members of outgroupAlso try to keep outgroup members from crossing the lineBoundaries separating groups Race class athletic ability academic talent physical attractiveness Supplemental Social Groups Summary Community InterestCollection of people who are not clearly defined but who agree to something that other people reject and bestow an authority upon those beliefsA collection of ppl who agree on something some level can from a communityAppear naturalAllude to a common blood timeless link to a land usually born intoBut other communities have been chosen
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