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Lecture 5

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SOCI 1002
Christian Carron

Lecture 5Mass Media Everyday LifeMost of us see ourselves as selfdetermined that is autonomous beings who have both the ability and capability of acting according to the ends we seek Yet our environments influence uswe are the product of the interaction between ourselves others and the environments we inhabitWeve talked about the social the elements that lay outside the individual such as environment and technology and its enabling and constraining influence Background music in supermarketsnothing is left to chance Mass MediaIdentity Mass Media tied to IdentityAs consumers we wear certain clothes practice certain activities listen to certain music watch particular programs use specific technologies that form part of our identitiesAuthors call these consumer groups neotribes Unlike traditional tribes from distant land these consumeroriented neotribes have no councils of elders or boards or admission committees to decide who has the right to be in and who ought to be kept out Mass Media NeotribesThey employ no gatekeepers and no border guards They have no institution of authorityno Supreme Court which may pronounce on the correctness of members behavior In short the form of control is dissimilar and they do not undertake to monitor degrees of conformity at a collective level Thus it seems that one can wander freely from one neotribe to another by changing ones dress refurbishing ones apartment and spending ones free time at different placesThe apparent availability of a wide and growing range of neotribes each sporting a different lifestyle has a powerful yet ambiguous effect on our lives We are apparently free to move from one personal quality to another choose what we want to be and what we want to make of ourselves No force seems to hold us back and no dream seems to be improper in that it is at odds with either our existing or potential social position This feels like liberation from constraint an exhilarating experience in which everything in principle is within our reach and no condition is final and irrevocable Styles that can be put together without spending may be looked down on deprved of glamour considered unattractive and even degradingThis can turn into bullyingTherefore we can all seemingly go into any store but not everyone can walk out with something When is it Enough A state of relative deprivation being okay with what you have but still wanting more
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