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Lecture 6

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Carleton University
SOCI 1002
Christian Carron

Lecture 6 Sociology of the Body Feb 28The Body Not just Biology An ongoing focus of this course is the difference that living in society makes to what we do how we see ourselves objects and others and what happens as a result Yet our bodies are something we have inherited fully made up by genes and thus not a product of society A belief in such immutability however is an errorthe bodies changes and varies Embodied Selves The society in which we live societal pressures pushes to turn our bodies in a condition that is recognized as being right and proper There are ideal and not ideal bodies Embodied Selves Perfection and Satisfaction We may view our bodies as a task something to work on which requires daily care and attention Society sets the standards for a desirable and approved shape Discrimination based on the Body Failure to comply with standards can induce feelings of shame Those not meeting such requirements may find themselves subjected to routine discrimination for example prejudicial attitudes towards disabled people as manifest in the very design of buildings However bizarre it may seem at first glance our bodies are the objects of social conditioningBody as Site of Anxiety We watch closely what we eat drink and breathe We can find a whole industry and set of marketing techniques that are part of the discourses of the body
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