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Lecture 8

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SOCI 1002
Christian Carron

Lecture 8 Sociology of ReligionReligion and SocietyWhile motivation for religion may be psychological structure of society and peoples place in society influence the followingContent and intensity of people religious beliefsForm and frequency of peoples religious practices2000 nationwide Canadian survey found 81 of adults and 71 of teenagers believed in God or a higher powerScope though of religious authority has declined in CanadaOther institutions have grown in importance such as medicine psychiatry criminal justice education etcreligion has been pushed out and does not have the same type of swayTHEORETICAL APPROACHES TO THE SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION Durkheim Functionalismand the Problem of OrderDurkheims definition of religious experience When people live together they come to share common sentiments and value which then form a collective conscience that is larger than the individualOn occasion this collective conscience can be experienced directly allowing people to distinguish secular everyday world of the profane from the religious transcendent world of the sacredDurkheim Functionalism and the Problem of OrderPeople then designate certain objects as symbolizing the sacred called tot
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