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Lecture 10

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SOCI 1002
Christian Carron

Lecture 10 Sociology of the Family Sociology of the Knowledge of the Family Concepts are a combination of ideas and words They are clusters of cases that allow to distinguish 2 things from each other Not all definitions are equal issues of power Typologies are classifications scheme that allow us to distinguish between several types of something like concepts There can be two typetypologies like binaries or they can be more complex typologies which include 3 types or moreMapping out the Family Families as relationships in which people live together with commitment form an economic unit and care for any young and consider their identity to be significantly attached to the group Contemporary families are responsible forRegulating sexual activitySocializing childrenProviding affection and companionship to family membersTwo types of families Family of orientationis the family into which a person is born and in which early socialization usually takes place Family of procreationis the family that a person forms by having or adopting childrenDecline of traditional nuclear familyConcern expressed by some about decline of nuclear family which is one or two parents and their dependent children all of which live apart from other relatives Traditional nuclear familyFamily in which wife works without pay in home while husband works outside home for money making him primary provider Has been decrease in traditional nuclear families since 1940s and increasing prevalence of new family formsMarriage and Cohabitations Marriage is a legally recognized andor socially approved arrangement between two or more individuals that carries certain rights and obligations and usually involves sexual activity Monogamy only legally sanctioned form in CanadaCohabitation refers to a couples living together without being legally married commonlaw Grown from 56 of families in 1981 to 155 in 2005 Also varies by province 33 of Quebec families are commonlaw
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