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Nation State and Nationalism

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SOCI 1003
William Flynn

NATIONALISM AS A TOPIC OF STUDYMany of the nationalist mostly post colonial strugglesof the 50s 70s were settlednationalism as a political force seemed to be on the waneRise of globalismshrinking and disappearance of the nation state as the central unit of reference and analysisNationalismcan be defined in a broad and narrow senseBroad sum of beliefs idioms practices oriented to a territorially delineated nationembodied in the practical demands of a people who identify with a nation patriotismNarrow a political project or doctrine whose objective is an existing or envisaged nationstate wherein cultural and political boundaries coincideNATIONS AND STATESThe State is a political and geopolitical entityThe Nation is a cultural andor ethnic entitynation state implies that the two geographically and culturally coincideFlagsstate flag is often the same as the official government flagA state refers to legalpol entity that is typically comprised ofFixed bordersMonopolize the legitimate use of force WeberPermanent standing armiesImpersonal power structure and typically centralized controlThe capacity to enter into relations with other statesOfficial language sLaw systemCurrencyFoster loyalties to abstract entities like Canada and United StatesBelgium is a classic example of a state that is not a nation stateWalloons and FlemishUnited Kingdom is a complex example of a nation statecountries within a country British identityFirst nations in Canada constitute a nations but not a state since they do not have the political authority over their internal or external affairs sovereigntyNation statesuse the state as an instrument of national unity in economic social and cultural lifeNation state promotes economic unityAbolishing internal customs tollsCreate and maintain national transportation infrastructure facilitating trade travelEx the CPRCreationfoster of a natural culture through state policyAndersonThe model of the nation state implies that its pop Constitutes a nation typically united byCommon descenthistory
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