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SOCI 1003
William Flynn

CULTUREThe socially transmitted ideas practices and material objects that people create to deal with real life problemsResult of socially transmitted enabling people to adapt to and thrive in their environmentsSociety is people interacting socially sharing culture in a geographical areaORIGINS AND COMPONENTS OF CULTUREHuman culture exists because we can think abstractly cooperate and engage in productionAbstractioncreating symbols allowing us to classify experience and generalize from itAnything beyond rudimentary level we learn and transmit knowledgeCooperation creating norms and valuesComplex social lifeProduction material culture social control and sanctionsLanguagesystem of symbols strung together too communicateAllows culture to develop influences how we see the worlCULTURE AS FREEDOM AND CONSTRAINTFREEDOMRaw materials that which existed before out birthtimePpl Actively produce interpret culture implies we are at liberty to choose how culture influences usSome argue multiculturalismCultural Relativism the opposite of ethnocentrismThe idea that all cultures and their practices have equal valueNo true Canadian Identity because of MulticulturalismCulture is homogeneousGlobalizationdestroys political economic cultural isolation and brings people together into a global villageRights Revolutionthe process by which socially excluded groups have struggled to win equal rights under the law and in practiceResultdemocracy has been widened and deepenedPostmodernism3 main featuresIncludes an electric mixing of elements from different times and placesEasier to create individualized belief systems practices by blending parts of different cultures and historic periodsInvolves the erosion of authorityCharacterized by the decline of consensus around the core valuesCONNSTRAINTRationalizationPeople are slaves to the Werkgloke work clock now a product of cultureConsumerism the tendency to define ourselves in terms of goods and services we purchase
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