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Race and Ethnicity

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Carleton University
SOCI 1003
William Flynn

As biological entities races do not existNo biological subcategories of homo sapiensRace is the product of sociohistorical not scientificprocessesRacializationThe process in which ppl are viewed as essentially diff terms of their intellect their morality values and worth because of differences of physical type or cultural heritage18th ce Euro science was particularly concerned with typologiesClassification systems based on systematic org into types on the basis of shared attributesCarl Linnaeus or Cal Von Line father of taxonomy made 4 kinds of human speciesWhite euroRed AmericansYellow AsiansBlack AfricansThese became the biological basis for corresponding moralpersonality types became popular bc they fit with the political eco climate of the time not bc they were scientifically true1850 race was considered a valid scientific category for physically distinguishing human sub groupsMain idea there was a division based on natural kinds of human beings called racesDeficiencies certain attributes diff from euroRace classification had 2 purposesExplain the existence oh human diversity Euro colonizers encounteredTo justify the
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