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Gender and Sexuality

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SOCI 1003
William Flynn

Chapter 4Sex anatomicalbiological characteristics of men and women Gender roles and characteristics society assigns to women and men and carries with it notions of inequality between the twoIs centrally important to our sense of selfwho we are how we behave and how others interact with usThe opposite sexGENDER AS HUMAN NATUREThe maternal instinctIncreased sanctionoutrage at women who violate this lawMen are cerebralrationalcalculatingwomen are embodiedemotionalintuitiveGender and Anthropomorphismhuman nature in animal natureSimon De Beauvoirwomen as otherdefined in relation to men but not independentlyone is not born but becomes a women the second sex p 267Essentialists vs constructionist approach to understanding gender and sexualityNature vs nurture debateSociobiology and evolutionary psychology have become common sense to explain diff between men and womenTend to reduce the complexity of human behaviour to genetics evolution instincts etcIs gender the result of biologygeneticsevolutionIs gender the result of social and cultural factors ARGUMENTS AGAINST ESSENTIALISM1If gender is determined by biology then
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