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Social Stratification

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SOCI 1003
William Flynn

Resources economic social political are unequally distributed in society uedUed endures and changes over timeWay of thinking about how material wealth is distributed in any societyHistorically enduring patternslayers of inequalityQuintiles each of five ranked groups making up to 20 percent of a total populationDeciles ranked groups each making up 10 percent of a total populationMeritocracy is powerful and persuasiveachievement based on meritRichard Wanner 2009 In Canada there is still a major inheritance of privilege advantagedifferent levels of access to post secondary educationKrahn 2009 14 year longitudinal study of high school graduates in EdmontonKids from families with one or more uni educated parents were 3x more likely to complete uni themselvesMore jobs require higher education proportion of blue collar declined Why does social stratification exist Is it inevitable Functionalist theories of stratificationinequityKingsley Davis and Wilbert MooreIf something socially exists then it must serve some function in societyEvery society has jobs that require diff levels of t
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