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SOCI 1003
William Flynn

Socialization SOCI The process through which we learn to become members of a social groupsocietyPrimary socializationbirth to adolescenceSecondary socialization adolescence onwardsLife cycle rather than importanceMultiple agents of SOCISIGMUND FREUD 18561939Argued that it was really the very early years that produce our personalities developmental psychology and didnt have much to say about ppl as adultsThe family and relationships between family and the primary caregivers was central and formed the basis of our neurotic personalitiesSexuality and ChildhoodID Ego Superego these ideas he developed later on in his writingsThe ID or it in Latin is the unsocialized desires that remain at the level of subconsciousOur ego or consciousness is our selfit acts as a balancing between the ID and the SuperegoThe superego is the social norms expectations that we internalize GEROGE HERBERT MEAD 18631931American symbolic interactionist and philosopherthe self is a social creationHerbert Blumer and GH Mead3 premises of Symbolic Interactionism SI1Human beings act towards things on the basis of meanings that the things have for them1What things people institutions physical objects abstract principles 2The meaning of such is derived from or arises out of the social interactions one has with other ppl3These meanings are modified through meditated an interpretive process used by the persons in dealing with the thing encounteredWhen we interpret a situation we are not simply reading the established meanings but also generation meaning too and deciding on subsequent actionSI asserts that the interactional context itself is what largely determined our behaviour or social actionWe are constantly interpreting and reading signs or symbols around usWhat do things mean What does the behaviour of others signify The social world and interaction is codedthe conversation of gesturessign vehiclesconstant symbolic traffic of info going to and from ppl
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