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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

SOCI 2150 WEEK TWO September 18, 2012 Social Realms (see albert hunter in Challenge of Social Control, Ablex pp. 230-242 Jackson, et al (2011), chapter two)  Culture is the highest unit of analysis that we use. Culture is flexible, fluid, vague.  Second, change. Ie. Computer society.  Within society there is three divisions, they are called realms: 1. Private 2. Parochial 3. Public  They are defined by social intimacy and social disclosure  Social intimacy: it comes from close emotion, permanent bonds or ties and affliction. It requires a very strong sense of dependency. Social intimacy leads to social disclosure.  Social disclosure: act of revealing information about yourself that another or someone else would not otherwise know factually. Ie. While a can tell b about c all kinds of rumors that’s a different kind of social disclosure. Only c can tell b factually. Relationships require disclosure and not a whole lot of blurting stuff out. Otherwise the relationship goes flat.  Private realm: comprised of small family, kin, close friends. Tight reliable group that has social intimacy and social disclosure. Made up of infinite number of small groups.  “sympathy group studies” How many people in your life whom death would directly affect your life. 12-15 people. As you get older the sympathy group tends to shrink. There is about 12 million sympathy groups in Canada.  Parochial realm: it is not well understood, just beginning to get some research on this. Gets kind of lost, transition zone. Ie. You sitting on the bus going from home to school. Some suggestion somewhere that church might be where individual meets society. Parochial meaning not public nor private. Commonality, some sense of community. Secondary groups, acquaintances, neighbours etc. Little social intimacy and almost no social disclosure.  Hunter is the first one to get into what these realms are, he only really talked about private vs. public.  Public realm: any open location, that is populated with strangers, may not all be strangers, notion of people you don’t know. Almost any public area. Areas ticketed for control (sidewalks, buses, parks, restaurants, concerts) maintains group control to keep the number of people down.  co presents, unknown or known categorically. Treat people categorically (males or females, role (barista), actions(service).  the notion of being a stranger  a different kind of social intimacy, the intimacy is in the contact. There is contact, there is exchange, it’s mostly silent.  Hunting + gathering bands  Private realm, maybe some parochial, no public realm. 10-24 members, permanent
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