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SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Lecture 1 Social realms - Culture is the largest unit of analysis in sociology - Culture is not rigid; it is always changing over time - Society is a unit within culture - Social disclosure: act of revealing information about yourself that another would not otherwise know - Happy over time, in a way is similar to telling secrets but is much more 1. Private realm - Areas of group life mostly defined by social intimacy and social disclosure - Social intimacy: close emotional ties, routine, permanent contacts (parents, friends) • Requires a strong perception of mutual dependency - Social disclosure: act of revealing information about yourself that another would not otherwise know - Relationship require disclosure - Private realm is composed of small family, kin, close friends - Where the greatest amount of social intimacy and social disclosure occurs • Sympathy group study: +/- 12-15 people whose death would greatly affect your life, this consist of people from your private realm.... circulation time • Infinite number of small groups (sympathy groups) 2. Parochial realm - Not well understood, still theorized - Church- where individual meets society - Transitional zone (movement time, like sitting on a bus) - Mixing public and private- is the in between - Some commonality between the members, some of community (you know who doesn’t belong) - Cocktail Waitress has no parochial zone, almost all public - Secondary groups, members know each other; little intimacy or disclosure (acquaintances, extended friends, neighbors) 3. Public realm - Any open location that is populated with mostly strangers - Public areas (sidewalks, buses, parks, restaurants, concerts) - Co-presents the people who are with you) are unknown or known,
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