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Lecture 5

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George Pollard

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Occasion Gathering - Must be a plausible for people to be together - When people are engaged together, it is a gathering • Generally previous knowledge of the person as well - It is planned, has structure Situated activity - Nothing meaningful is going on - Purpose is common (ex: getting across the street) - Can still be situated gathering if two people are sitting on the same bench. One reading, the other doing nothing. Sitting quite far apart - People sitting at the bar can still be situated activity _____________________________________________________________________ Occasions - Usually morphs from, goes beyond gathering - Co-presents usually more than acquaintances • Co-workers; friends, family; doing business - Focused situation; some planning; life cycle Locations - Typical, where co-presents often gather - Places vary with purposes- clubs, offices - Asituated, social conscience emerges • Norms- civility towards diversity, et al • Roles- organizer producer, participant • Socialization- newbie must learn ropes Activities, action influences - Co-present in meeting room, restaurant - Dyads, triads form; co-presents distribute - Influenced by space, distance, fixtures - Facilitated by fixed-, semi-feature space • Room size- small, large, just right • Walls- full, stub; doors- open, closed • Partitions- modularity, how perceived visual, auditory + olfactory noise Activity contour - Overall pattern appropriate, intended - Occasions form, persist, dis-band, re-form, join, leave, return; activate, lapse, re-activate Normative activity pattern - Occasion has ethos, spirit, emotive structure - Usually perceived as “otta be”, not as “is” - Some prescribed activities; some obligatory - Non-conformity tolerated, sanctioned Examples - Tea, cocktail, birthday, BYOB “party”, opera, JB concert, howling league dinner -
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