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Lecture 4

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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Situation part 2 Situation continued - Asituation occurs when 2 or more co-presents share the same time and space - Without awareness there can be no situation- mutual surveillance - You can be in 2 or more situations at the same time - All kinds of possibilities for situations, depending on how one interprets it - Contact NOT interaction Noticing (ON THE EXAM) - Not only trying to notice a situation - Something we do when we are co-present - Each co-present experienced by others • To experience is to sensuously and socially notice Sensory perception inventory - Normative activity, role, status – “us”, “not us/them - Notice: age, gender, appearance, sent, gestures • Friend, foe; open, closed; approachability - Noticing you’re being noticed, noticing others are aware you notice them noticing you. Reliance on Naked Senses - Co-presents socially naked (exposed) to others - Social activity conceals nakedness (greetings) Fieldwork - Noticing is more structured then just merely looking - More awareness, the more ‘in command’you are in the situation - Wear a mask of civil inattention – maintain civility toward diversity •
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