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Lecture 7

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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Lecture 7 Paper - Go to JSTOR, look up Cocktail Waitress, in advanced look up review - Finding references; APlace in Town, Doing Class in a Coffee shop (Sage database) - Who is present? Is there a common goal? Is there mingling? Norms of the situation?Are there rituals taking place? Where is the situation? Do you think the people know each other in the situation? Commingling? Take Home Exam Structure - 3 parts • 3 sets of concepts out of a choice of about 9 or 10 - (20 or 30 marks)  Role/status/situation  Define each one, does not require sources, should be in your own words  Then talk about how they relate to each other. Example: status derives from a role that is successfully carried out • Short essay - 500 words (choice of at least 3, have to do 1) - (30 marks) • Undecided: 4 or 5 questions (larger answer) OR one question (explain the course to someone using concepts) - (5 marks) Types of situations Situated Basic definition of a situation; no motivation to engage; may evolve activity Gathering Routine presence; acknowledgement; evolution, regulars noti
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