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Lecture 8

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SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Lecture 8 Social relations Public realm, situations, social relations - Situated content = social relations via roles - General forms, with specific detail Social relations - Attachment to others believed similar to us • Share collective conscience; goals; interests - May be short-term (task, class, essay) or long-term (family; career; friends) - Result-of, supported-by collective conscience • Value emphasis; roles, status; socialization - General rule of thumb • First few seconds or minute count most • Immediacy decisions made in this time frame • Expectations formed (altercasting) • Framework of relationship set in motion Stages of social relationships - Literature emphasizes romantic relationships - Model fits most, if not all, relational forms - Familial, friends, co-workers, customers, clients - Don’t restrict conceptualization Coming together 1. Initiation - Initiation requires access to others • Introductions by third party • Very small talk, chatting freely for moment - Small talk, chitter-chatter important • Health, wealth; most basic insights to others • Tonal cues, check-out gestures, posture • Get idea of general demeanor - Introducing self • “how ya doin’”; “come here often?” • “I’ll bet you’re a Libra?”; “what a nice…” - Testing, filtering processes • Collective conscience; sensory surveillance • Intersecting friends, acquaintances, interests - Sociability characterizes this stage • Friendly, overly polite, good first impression • Focus tends to remain on “introducer” • Very preliminary sizing up—jerk or not • Deciding to move to next stage—yes or no Situations + initiation - Embodied initiation occurs only in situations - Basically, who is + how many are co-present? Initial sizing up = immediacy - Assumes attraction, interest; want to know more - Sense of closeness, openness for contact; evolves - Those you “take to” have “high immediacy” Co-presents affect immediacy - Who, how many - Social class, prestige; degree of influence • Mo
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