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Lecture 1 - George Pollard

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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Areas of group life are defined by social intimacy Social intimacy: close, emotive, permanent, contacts - strong perception of mutual dependency - intimacy leads to social disclosure Social disclosure: the act of revealing information about yourself that another wouldn’t otherwise know - you tell secrets not only verbally, but also with your actions/gestures Culture is fluid and always changing Society is divided into 3 realms - private (friends, family, etc.): social intimacy is at its greatest and social disclosure should be at its greatest - sympathy group studies: about who’s death would permanently change a life (average number is 12-15, but the number changes with time) - people you know studies: respondents are given a list of random names and they check off anyone they know (average number is 225) - parochial realm: not well understood, it is a mix of private and public realms (possibly church) - public realm: open location populated with strangers - areas ticketed for population control - strangers, also called co-presents, are unknown or known categorically - differe
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