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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - George Pollard

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SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Autopoetecally: things just happen Situation - occurs anytime there are 2+ co-presents occupying the same time and space - begins when the second person arrives - they are implicitly and explicitly social - lapses or ends when then 2 person leaves - it can re-start or re-lapse - situations are often cyclical (work, class, etc.) - all who enter are part of the situation - intentional physical and verbal acts are not necessary to become a part of the situation - on-lookers and passerby are co-presents as well - collective conscious with co-presents - values, norms, socialization, role, status - initial activity expectations: a sense of what the situation is - mutual surveillance is ongoing and essential - it tests what we think the situation is - sensuous data tests assumptions (from the senses) - if you can’t use your naked senses, then you cannot decide what kind of situation it is Naked Senses - classic senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, audition - AND pain, proprioception (the messages that come from the joints), kinesthesia, vestibulation (balance) - organic sensitivity limits: anopia (vision), prebyacusis (inability to hear), anoesia (being an idiot), haptephobia (fear of being touched), anosmia (inability to smell) - social and cultural influences on naked senses: value emphas
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