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Lecture 5

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SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

Lecture 5 Guest speaker Lawrence Greenspon - Regarding police misconduct: The vast majority of police officers are doing a difficult job, and the majority of the officers are doing a good job. But, with every job, there are minorities of individuals who do not do a good job. Some officers are tasering, breaking bones, shooting pets, shooting people (and sometimes killing them), arresting individuals to remove them from a scene, holding them over night, and then releasing them the next day without charges, for no apparent reason, or simply for the reason that the individual looked a certain way. • Police officers know generally that they can get away with what they are doing. - They sometimes see “CYA – Cover Your Ass” charges, where the police know they have done something wrong, and charge an individual with charges to cover up what they have done. What happens to a police officer that has violated the Constitutional rights of an individual? Absolutely nothing. - He urges individuals not to file a police complaint because there is usually nothing to gain for the complainant; it just takes time and energy and money, all for the police officer receives is a proverbial “slap on the wrist”. In the event that a police officer gets suspended from the job, they receive full pay while they are on suspension. • There is nothing in it for the complainant, they are usually dismissed and even if successful the complainant gets nothing and the officer usually suffers no consequences. It takes time and money. - A police officer that was suspended for slamming a woman’s head into the hood of his police cruiser four times. During the investigation (which lasted for about four years) he was suspended with pay. With his time off he returned to school and completed his undergraduate degree as well as his masters (all while still suspended and receiving pay from the Ottawa police). - There was a young man named Norris who was riding his bike, and was hit by a police officer (who had been drinking). Norris was seventeen years old, and as a result of the impact, he died. Realizing that he had hit something, the police officer went to the donut shop to tell his buddies “he think he hit a deer”. He was charged with impaired driving, but after everything he was acquitted and walked free. • The court affirmed that there is no duty to a bereaved family to properly investigate a death cause by an officer. - Police know there is no effective police accountability Interactions between civilians and police officers: when are they likely to lead to arrest? 1. The character of the officer 2. The place where the encounter occurs 3. The character of the person the police is having an encounter with (are they compliant?) - These will influence whether or not an arrest will happen - Stacey bonds was not arrested for doing anything illegal, she was arrested for questioning the police. - Whether or not you are arrested is largely dependent on the police officer and your compliance. When you challenge the police it characterizes you as symbolic assailants. - Use standard approaches. Research demonstrates that it is the demeanor of the person, not the act. Whether or not police will make an arrest: 1. Police perception of a challenge to authority • It is the challenge to authority. Police have a perception of challenge to authority, and it is even worse towards minorities. [somebody challenging them who they already believe is lesser than them] 2. Police demand for submission • You have to show them that you are sorry, remorseful, and if you do so chances of arrest reduce 3. Response to the demand • I
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