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Lecture 11

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SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

Criminology Lecture 11 Conflict Perspective Crime PreventionCritical Criminology Social Conflict PerspectiveBasic assumptionsSociety is based on conflict it is what governs society Society is made up of groups and organizations based on political and economic power Differences in social class and in particular those arrangements within society that maintain class differences are the focus for criminological study Powerful groups make laws that reflect and protect their interests Crime is an outcome of conflict between the haves and have nots Radical Criminology based on Marxist principles about inequality between classes1960Present Came in the 70s Richard Quinnysocial reality of crime powerful groups in society create the laws and they enforce the laws Connection between power groups that maintain power and laws that are passed America is based on advanced capital economy and the state is organized to serve the dominant classes economic and politicalCriminal Law is an instrument of those powerful groups to ensure compliance Crime control is accomplished through a variety of organizations and agencies that are there to ensure the status quo is maintained Existe
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