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Lecture 10

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SOCI 2450
Darryl Davies

CriminologyLecture 10 David Daubney Disproportionate impact on aboriginal community Bring the attention of parliamentariansWhen looking at the landscape there is a huge number of people suffering from mental health issues addictions fetal alcoholic syndromes Community care to allow young people to live a reasonable life Conditional Sentencingpart of Canadas balance approach to violent offenders community alternatives to something else Offence cannot carry a mandatory penalty Judge must be convinced that public safety will not be threatened if given conditional sentence Cannot be used for personal emergency Conditional sentences are longer than custodial sentencing Cost for the loss of CSO will be 135 million8 million at federal level Lorraine Parsons Smart justice networknew group following concerns of C10Formed 8 months ago by small number of people across the country who have a lot of experience in the CJS in Canada More people in prison longer sentencing hard to get out Chair committee
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