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Lecture 1

SOCI 3410 Lecture 1: Lecture 1

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Carleton University
SOCI 3410
Leslie- Anne Keown

Soci 3410A: Serial Homicide Exam Note: Must know all theories and concepts well and be able to apply them Lecture One Difference between Homicide and Murder: Killing • Extinguishing life Homicide • Killing of one human being by another • Cultural concept which is applied differently around the globe Murder • Criminal homicide Will use homicide and murder interchangeably Components of Homicide Actus Reus • The act: one person killing another • Perpetrator does something which contributes to the death of the victim o Shooting a dummy in a bed disguised to resemble a person under the covers is attempted murder o There is no need for a body to be convicted of homicide, however they have to prove the act was committed which can be difficult. Mens Rea • Intent: often difficult to prove • Elements o Does the act reflect some degree of planning indicate that? o Provocation Multicide: Multiple murders occurs when there are two or more victims Types: • Domestic: killing family members • Institutional murder o Genocide o Corporate homicide ▪ Ford Case: cheaper to leave default cars out rather than recall and fix items and prevent explosive engine • Mass murder: killing 4 or more people, taken place at the same time o Family Slayer: a person who kills his family and commits suicide o Murder for Profit: a person who kills in order to profit materially o Murderer for Sex: a person with the primary goal of sexually torture, rape, and murder their victims o Pseudo-Commando: a person with an obsession for guns and a fantasy for murder o Set and Run Killer: a person who plans an escape route following the mass killing o Psychotic Killer: a person suffering from acute or chronic psychosis; someone legally insane o Disgruntled Employee: a person who seeks revenge for real or imagined wrongs at the hands of coworkers or employers o Disciple-Type Killer: a person who commits murder at the behest of a charismatic leader such as Charles Manson o Ideological Mass Murderer: person, especially a cult leader, who is able to persuade others to kill themselves or each other o Institutional Mass Murder: a person who commits mass murder as a crime of obedience when ordered to by his or her leader (genocides) • Spree: murders with a cooling off period o Subset of serial murder • Serial: The unlawful killing of 2 or more victims by the same offender in separate events. o Overall agreement that it involves more than one victim ▪ No agreement on number of victims
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