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Lecture 3

SOCI 3410 Lecture 3: May 8th, 2017 Lecture Notes

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Carleton University
SOCI 3410
Leslie- Anne Keown

SOCI3410 Carleton University Summer 2017 Lecture 3 May 8th, 2017 Biology and Genetics There is lots of research in this area but few solid conclusions Focus is now on brain injury or trauma and the link to violent behaviour XXY or extra chromosome theories Hormone research Twinkie defense Gentleman killed someone randomly Defense was that he had eaten too many twinkles and the sugar had produced extra testosterone which led him to commit the acts PMS as a defense Many women have had some success in the UK and one in Canada with this defense Most now conclude that biology and environment interact Very dicult to nd one thing that leads specically to actions on its own Insanity defense Not about psychology but rather it is a legal issue Insanity is dierent than incompetency In Canada it is considered an excuse defense Individual accepts that they committed the oense however they excuse the reasoning Mental illness is a disease of the mind, including any mental abnormality, which causes impairment Personality disorders are not considered adequate to justify a mental disorder under the NCR defense Impossible to assume that someone with personality disorder cannot appreciate the nature and quality of the act NCRMD A person is put under warn in a mental hospital and then a person must prove to a board that they are no longer suering from the consequences of their mental illness and are no longer a threat Burden is on the party that raises it and it is judged on a balance of probabilities Psychological Theories Psychosis A state in which a person does not realize that they are functioning in reality Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) The development of two or more distinct personalities that each maintain their own memories, thoughts and emotions Frustration Not an emotion but a state of being that often leads to emotions such as anger, sadness or depression Goal that someone is trying to obtain that may be challenging or impossible DSMV Personality Disorders 1
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