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SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

SOCI3410 Darryl Davies March 5 – Essay due – have to have the marking grid attached to the essay Examine the Current state of policing Five pillars of Policing: - Crime Prevention – - Law enforcement – use of force – vital to ensure that they can conduct their duties according to the letter of the law. - Public order maintained – parades, political protests, crowd control, - Emergency response - Assistance to victims of the crime o How does the training of police equate to these five pillars? o 75-80% deals with law enforcement related functions – communications, o Not their job to create violence it’s to prevent it – communication is key o People who are inadequately trained – they learn on the job – you have to get the respect of the public o Role of police Depends on  Oath of office - Police do not make the law – they are supposed to enforce it – they should have no absolute interest in guilt or innocence – it’s not their role - Collect evidence to support prosecution of the crown - Know the boundaries for enforcing the law – cases have gotten thrown out because the police don’t know the basic rights and freedoms of the charter of rights have freedoms - Race and Rage the Beating of Rodney King o March 3 1991d o Actions of police can precipitate a riot o They w
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