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lecture 4

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Carleton University
SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

Class 3 Sociology January 29, 2013  Training: mediation  Secrecy In the Police: what role does secrecy play in an organization?? “ Thin Blue Line”- police vs public  Shapes relationships within the police force, and “it is an unwritten law in the police force that they would never testify against their brotherhood/partner. “  They have a duty not only to enforce the law and order maintance and crime prevention  By stander affect, very compartenized by rank and order  Successful police officers need the support of their fellow police officers – if they were to break the secrecy than they would be isolated from the rest of the organization  They are cut off/ are no longer given access to information (within the organization)  Woman use to complain that they were not given assignments that were considered policing, subject to discrimination and harassment  Police are sensitive to negative definitions from the public such as being called “stupid” and therefore they become the enemy, and secrecy becomes a defensive mechanism. – being part of the brotherhood leads to isolation from the public and therefore priority towards to force rather
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