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Lecture 5

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Carleton University
SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

Clips we watched in class: Major Crimes, S01E07 TO – Field information Report CTV News – Tysowski Carding - “I’m giving you this ticket because you told me that you have never had an encounter with the police and you lied, so don’t be an asshole next time.” - “He was intimidated and didn’t know what the laws was, and didn’t want it to hurt him in the future” - Toronto Police no longer do that – it’s illegal - “we collect information, we don’t do it for a sinister reason, we only collect it for a certain reason.” - OIPRD quote from the cards that he was cocky and no professional – there is no criteria for that, in their street check they forwarded the information - isused+information+gleaned+from+year+carding+incident/7916824/story. html - TO – Cops Lie - The VanPD Boot to the Chest VanPD Byod Shooting 2007 VanPD Paul Byod shooting VANPD Wu Beating Initial Report VanPD Bar Incident Field reports Carding – police engage someone in a stop and they record the information – your attitude and demeanor The decision to charge you not with the offence itself, but your demeanor Street Checks - Andrew Tysowski – former student at CU – he had been stopped by police and when they did a background check they found that he had a run in
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