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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Carleton University
SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

Lecture 6: -John Mack Maries, how police deal with you depends on the attitude of the person -Charles Wright: says police should not stop or search anyone unless they assume reasonable and probable grounds to do so -Discreditable conduct should not be used in a police force -If you are arrested you do not need to talk or answer questions, there is nothing in the law that lets police arrest you for saying something they do not like -The officer must conduct himself in a manner that would be proper in a business relationship between people -Charles Wright: 1. Police should not be allowed to stop anyone unless there is something about that person that distinguishes that person from the rest of the crowd. 2. If you are stopped the police must introduce himself and explain the reasoning for why he stopped the person. 3. Is it in the public interest to investigate this complaint. 4. The person may be questioned but they
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