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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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SOCI 3410
Darryl Davies

2012-06-25 RCMP PTSD – Cancellation 2012-06-26 PTSD – Wife’s View 2012 – 06-30 Prof Davies on RCMP PTSD - Talks about how the pilot program was shut down - RCMP don’t have enough services for the officers The G20 – 2010 The Fifth Estate – The G20 Summit – 25 Feb 2011 Adam Nobody Assaulted Adam Nobody Interview Beware of The Coming Police State - told the citizens not to fear the police that were there they were just there for security reasons - more than 10 thousand people turned out to march on Saturday afternoon. They were accompanied by hundreds of police - police in full riot gear – they seemed to be so aggressive - aggression was building in some parts of the crowd - vandals started breaking away and doing their worst – breaking windows and such - police chief was watching it all unfold on monitors - police were ordered to stand back about a block away rather than intervened - question now was what would police do to regain control - by 5 o’clock the mood began to change - the police believed that the vandals were among the peaceful protest specifically anyone wearing black - no warning when hit - undercover police appear out of no where and continue dragging people out of the crowd - there was no riot at queens park yet - grabbed prosthetic legs and yanked it off – they knew he had a disability - 291 people were in police custody - police fired rubber bullet at a crowd – for the first time in history - people were being detained even if they weren’t part of the protest - people were telling police that they were hurting and they said that they needed medical attention – it took up to 5 hours to finally get medical attention - people were starting to go home -
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