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Carleton University
Technology, Society, Environment Studies
TSES 3002
John Buschek

Class 5a Quote “If overfishing continues at current rates, the world will run out of seafood by 2048” Boris Worm, marine biologist Dalhousie U 2006 Watch 8min video on website about fish  Fishing fleets have expanded along 3 axes o Lower latitude/southern hemisphere o Greater depth o Non-traditional species  Developing countries o Let them fish/export to them  or o Support local fisheries  Aquaculture (30% of world’s fish are farmed fish) o Carnivorous fish  Fish fed with fish meal made from other fish  Allow fish stocks to rebuild o Marine protected areas  Marine reserves  Modification of governance o Allow artisanal fishers to provide local fish  Certain zones designated  Change perceptions o Fishers aren’t heard o People who aren’t heard are people who want to preserve biodiversity NGO responses Greenpeace  Supermarket ranking o Red list for endangered seafood o Ranking  Sustainability seafood policy?  Allow exclusion from sources of seafood?  Traceability-can they be traced of origin  Product labelling  Removed red listed species?  Customer education  Blue rage o The sea shepherd conservation society  Go out on a big boat and prevent fisheries doing things that aren’t right  Paul Watson  Iceland and sank whaling ships  Bluefin tuna I=PxAxT  I=human impact  P=population  A=affluence  T=technology o Co2 emissions/automobiles  People x # of cars/person x average annual co2 emissions/car  Find out impact of co2 emissions by humans o If people were magically put at the weight at 1970 would save oil because it takes more oil to push the lard around Class 5b Quote “my grandfather rode a camel; my father rode a camel; I drive a benz; my son rides a land rover and his son will drive a land rover; but his son will ride a camel” dubai Good old days  o Workgate = plant, fish Now  Video: How cuba survived peak oil  Breakup of Russia created economic crisis in cuba  Lost 80% of export and import market  Oil dropped half  Factory closed and schools closed  Started cultivating vegetables  Oil production reaching a peak  1970 oil peak in the US  Gas purchases reduced to every ot
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