SOCI 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Sunless Tanning, Product Placement, Voyeurism

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10 Aug 2016
Nov 15
Gender ideology and code of romance
-the woman needs to try and cover her true feelings. Teaches them how important these feelings are.
Supernatural romances and romantic comedies
-woman is portrayed as motherly figure
Contradictory messages
-young people are surrounded by sex and sexuality
-the websites and magazines for women create a contradictory message
-websites want to be used for identity construction
-women will begin to rely on their products because they are a great part of the woman’s identity
-sex appeal is shows as empowering
-the internet has made sex mainstream, but sex is on the decline since 1990’s. more than 2/3 under 18
have had sexual intercourse.
Christian conservatism
-republican party and church used each other own personal agenda
-most evangelical church
-churches are used to organize voters on left and right
Evangelical Christianity
-teachings are read in literal fashion
Polarized religiosity
-most people in Canada are becoming secular
-people who are religious are becoming more religious
-until recently reading religious text had to be loosely and vaguely read, now it has a strict reading
-these churches focus a lot on sexual politics. Trying to preserve a vision of the family before the counter
cultures of 60’s.
Silver ring thing
-virginity pledgers subuclutres are backed by churches
Riot Grrrls
-unlike silver ring it came from feminism and punk
-punk encourages women to be empowered and seek own identity. It soon became hostile for women.
-fic writers produced unauthorised interpretations of popular media
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