SOCI 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Scientific Racism, First Nations, Institutional Racism

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10 Aug 2016
Nov 1
Narcissism and Facebook
-Facebook is a gateway to shallow and superficial relationships
-narcissists desperately need approval from others
-assert ideal hope for themselves
-architecture of facebook mediates interaction
Online games and virtual identity
-based on real emotions, desires
-don’t obey the same rules as real world
-online interaction aren’t less meaningful than face to face. In the virtual world you can act the way you
want without consequence.
-virtual world allows us to act out our secret urges and fantasies
Civil Rights Legacy: King, Malcolm X, Obama
-american dream is about merit not skin colour.
-king emphasizes that race intersects with poverty
-racial inequality leads to economic inequality
-king calls for non-violence
-he also calls for solidarity with white americans againt racism
-malcolm x: he doesn’t describe himself as American, simply a black man living in America
-looks for recognition of differences
-he speaks of human rights
-speaks of politics
-obama: his election is proof that American dream is real, democracy works
Legacy of civil rights movement
What is racism?
-racism is shown through social institutions and culture
-racism is socially defined, no basis in biological or physiological reality.
-defined by cultural markers
-race is perpetuated by economic inequality, race is used to justify social inequality
Race is cultural & socially defined
Scientific racism
-goal justify social hierarchy in the U.S and slavery
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