SOCI 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Social Inequality, Meritocracy, Petite Bourgeoisie

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10 Aug 2016
October 11
Marx: Alienation and capitalism
-instead of fulfilling potential capitalism alienates
Four features of alienation under capitalism
-alienated from products,
-difference between value of labour and value of things they make is counted as profits
-under capitalism work is a means to an end
-work is decreasingly meaningful
-we are coerced into working
-less and less thinking
-people lose sights of what is human labour
-prevents us key attributes in common, alienated from human essence
-we turn into lower animals by not using creativity
-working people’s culture is based on performing animal functions
-continual debasement of culture
Common sense notions of class
-Marxist class analysis: don’t need to be a Marxist to use this analysis
-social stratification: doesn’t deal with classes. Made by Weber. Most sociologists combine these.
-ideological struggle between capitalism and socialism is part of stratifications theory
Middle class society
-incomes have been stagnant, life is more expensive people still believe they are middle class
-this reflects the influence of American culture and sociology
-product of Harvard university sociology department
-middle class isn’t a class it’s a status; we live in a classless society.
-class doesn’t not mean status however we use them interchangeably
Class versus status
-use status to rank people with power, privileges, responsibilities etc..
-satus hierarchy was more complex. Before capitalism, you wouldn’t find 80% of people saying they
came from the same class
-in pre capitalism, every word you spoke, everything you wore identified which class you belonged to.
-divisions of status is very loose
-kind of car for example is unreliable method to see how much wealth someone has
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